Friday, February 06, 2015

Great British Landmarks: The Four Angels of the City

Leadenhall Market, London
Open: every day
Admission: free 

These charming medieval sculptures depict the traditional "four angels" of the City of London: Pestilence, Fraternity, Pavarotti and Libor. 

Notice also the battered representation of an olde-worlde speaker phone behind the two figures on the left. Legend has it that the angels received instructions via this device from the slightly sleazy pagan god "Charlie".

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Professor A Mounthoolie FIOB said...

It is a little known fact that the original Celtic name for the sleazy pagan god Charlie was "Coc Aine" which roughly translate's as "Aine's cock". Celtic scholars are divided over whether this is a reference to an Irish lady who kept chickens or is the first recorded reference to a strap on device in the British Isles. A similar device was once discovered by an archaeologist in a bog near Bangor but it was wedged firmly in the U bend so he left it there.