Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to turn down a Bond movie

"At the last minute, I looked over the edge of the cliff and got back into my Prius."

- Film director Roger Michell explaining how he turned down the next Bond film (#22), as reported in Screen International, 15 August 2006 (subscription required).


"At the last minute, I floored the accelerator of my Aston Martin and sailed over the cliff."


Anonymous said...

Hey Man,

I used to read CC years ago when it had a low res banner - I think Green or something ridcidulous like that given the technology at the time. The writing was very...British and entertaining. Anyway I just remembered that and wanted to share.

What happened to that ol' page? And wasn't there a bunch of other writers on CC way back 5 years+ ago?

Paul said...

Hi anonymous!

You know, I never did learn your name.

Yes, Cupcake Canasta was a leading e-organ in its day (1995 to 2005). I wrote the whole thing, though I used to use the Royal We to imply that I had a giant staff.

The content is all sitting on old hard drives these days. I let the domain out to advertisers.

I still sometimes toy with starting it all up again... In the meantime, I'm going to tryharder to shove things onto this blog.

Thanks for making contact! You brought an eye to my tear.